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To our website  IAG offers a wide assortment of fully assembled tube components. For the audio DIYer we offer kits, chassis, transformer covers, terminal boards...etc to aid in project construction.  Please feel free to look our site over and ask for items which you might need which are not listed.

Price: $110

Price: $14.95

Price: $3.75
This high quality 9"x13.5 wood sided chassis features polished  front and back plates, .125" (3mm) top and bottom plates with solid machined aluminum feet. This is a drop in replacement board for the Quad ESL transformer. Made from .125" G10/FR4 epoxy laminate with plated brass terminals. Very strong and rigid.
6 position heavy duty terminal strip made form .125" G10/FR4 epoxy laminate with plated brass terminals. Threaded standoffs with mounting hardware included.

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IAG -50dB Stepped Attenuator featuring Sowter attenuator transformer prewired to Shallco switch ...(more)

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